Entrepreneur and artistic director Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj has over two decades of experience in managing large-scale events in the field of sports, performing arts & entertainment. She has a comprehensive & impressive body of work that lists creative services in more than thirty countries ranging from mid-sized festivals to large-scale events.
Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj specialises in showcasing the rich classical and folkdance heritage of India and their promotion at various national and international festivals, events & productions. Ferriswheel was born out of Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj’s dream of creating a specialized agency to design and execute large-scale turnkey events using creative and cutting-edge technological innovation. As the founder and director of the Ferriswheel group, Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj has been instrumental in the production, direction and execution of several stage shows, festivals and large-scale open-air stadium events in India & abroad, for example –World Cup Kabaddi 2013 Punjab, Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010, First South Asian Winter Games Dehradun & Auli 2011, Kerala Handover Ceremony at National Games Ranchi 2011 & Doha Asian Games 2006.
Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj is committed to creating an entire value based ecosystem that works for both the client and the performer. She strongly believes in the confluence of art and cutting-edge technology setting up new standards for the industry. Her in-depth understanding and experience of the diverse international and domestic performing arts markets and entertainment industry has established Ferriswheel as a dynamic, dependable and competent brand in a short span of time.
Due to her extensive social and cultural affiliation, Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj also acts as an advisor to government bodies both at the national and international level and helps them in conceptualising and creating various events.
Follow Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj on Twitter: @Shubhra_B
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