Ferriswheel’s Cultural Exchange Programmes (CEP) are short dream lives that children and youth experience towards a future that is wholesome, open-minded and confident. The motto of these exchange programmes is learning through travel, friends, carnivals, different cultures, sports, fun and international exposure.

The Ferriswheel Cultural Exchange Programme is a convergence point for hundreds of young talented individuals from all across the globe. It aims at creating global citizens by uniting the children of today as one people, enriched by individual differences and united by the common thread of humanity. The participants showcase their country’s unique traditions, learn about what is distinct and special about other participating countries and interact with each other in guided and shared activities.

Educational exchanges enhance interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge. They encourage self-development, and lead to greater self-confidence. Integration into another family means adjusting and facing challenges outside your comfort zone, the development of life-long friendships, and fosters an appreciation of home and family. Ferriswheel’s Exchange Programmes do all this, and more.

Governments across the world further the philosophy behind the Exchange Programme through international cultural festivals. UNESCO strongly advocates creating platforms where children can learn about each other’s countries and cultures, transcend borders and prejudices and appreciate and respect differences in customs, traditions and ways of life.

Initiated by the Ministries of Culture, Education and/or Tourism, hundreds of talented children/youth have participated in these programmes through Ferriswheel’s amateur folkdance groups at innumerable folkdance, music and drama festivals in countries as diverse as Italy, Czech Republic, Taiwan and Turkey. The programme symbolizes all that is India – colourful, vibrant, multi dimensional and united in its diversities – while exposing young minds to the abundant sights, sounds, cultures and peoples of the world, driving home the message of universal oneness despite cultural differences.

The Ferriswheel Cultural Exchange Programmes are based on two factors: performing arts & education.

Ferriswheel prepares each child/youth for international cultural festivals through scheduled training sessions and fun-filled hours of rehearsal, setting in motion so many of the life skills yougsters need to successfully negotiate life with: adaptability, responsiveness, team play, and accountability. Children from India have been welcomed and applauded all across the globe including Turkey, Italy and the US. Educational visits include trips to countries such as Switzerland & the UK where apart from the fun and frolic, the children also go through certified workshops, interactive sessions and educational tours to places like the Oxford University and the likes.

Ferriswheel Exchange Programme also includes exclusive programmes with various governments including.

  • Science Education Programme, Switzerland
  • Educational & Cultural Programme, London
  • International Children’s Festival, Turkey, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, France
  • International Youth Festival, USA, Canada, China, Korea

Scope of work:

  • Interfacing with multiple international govt. agencies
  • Visa
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Production & Technical
  • Direction
  • Ground Management
  • Choreography
Cultural Exchange Programmes