Ferriswheel’s strength lies in its strong network within the community of performing arts globally, and an abundant and varied artist bank. With this rich database of artists and performers, Ferriswheel allows easy access to Indian and foreign clients to the vibrant performing arts market of India and abroad. From solo artists to group performers, Ferriswheel is the one-stop shop for performing artists in the industry for both indian & international artists  across genres.

Ferriswheel provides complete entertainment solution to a variety of clients including venues, theme parks, amusement parks, government agencies, event companies and corporates and even other agencies such as ITPO, Red Bull, Fountainhead, Coca Cola, CII, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Wizcraft, ICCR, and Cineyug. 

Ferriswheel has curated some of the top theme parks in the country. We do not limit ourselves to only providing interesting content and performers but also completely design and execute the monthly and daily programming and operations. Programming is constantly updated to avoid overlap and keep it interesting. We take special care of the well-being of the artists and performers as well.